Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thrilling Thursdays

Good Morning,

I am about 40 or so days outside of Christmas Open House...........O My Goodness........... Where has the time gone. This weekend I turn 41...... I still feel 25 or so. Next weekend I am going away to market with my good friend Carol ( Hoping we will find some wicked good buys there. I am looking for some different things for the shop. You know, new and exciting. I want you all to have new things to browse through. Just recently I have discovered about 4 new companies that no one else around me has. I think you will enjoy them as much as I do. You will have to wait until November 7th to see them though, because I like to have enough new things to wow the pants off of ya. hahaha

I would like to take a moment to thank Rebecca for getting me started on this blog. I do enjoy it and I wouldn't have done it if she hadn't been persisitent. Rebecca has her own business, and her own blog
She is a very talented and clever person and I am thankful that she helps design all of my business, stationery, emails, brochures, paper ads, and so much more. If you ever need anything like this done she is the person. She really always comes thru with something new and fresh. Thanks again to her for helping to make Silkweeds a success.

As you can see I still haven't figured out the picture thing. Sometimes it isn't easy to teach a older dog new tricks. Is it Rebecca? :) Here is hoping you have a great day and remember "It's Always Worth The Trip" @ Silkweeds


Rebecca said...

Thanks Lisa. You are very good to me. I enjoy working with you and having you as my friend. You are a super businesswoman and constantly make Silkweeds a "destination for generations."

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa can't wait until your open house tomorrow night know you girls have been working hard love Fran

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