Monday, June 29, 2009

Maine Pursenalities

First things first.............. One big black bird means heart failure if not noticed in time........ I took yesterday off, I don't get many days off lately and I am fortunate that my friend Denise or my mom fills in for me. Denise happened to work yesterday and Avis had worked on Saturday. Avis left Denise a present before we left work Saturday Night, with a little message on it. I found it, on my cash register this morning when I got to work. It jumped the begeezes out of me. So I think Denise must have snickered all night just waiting for the morning. What she had to worry about is where he might show up next. HaHa

On a slightly lighter note, Look at just how talented Denise is, She has been knitting, felting and even hand felting so much. She redid the front display yesterday with some of her new work. Check it out. It is beautiful and so very unique. Sometimes it is just nice to get something for yourself or someone you love that is hand made, right here in Maine.
Enjoy a little look at some fabulous work by a unique and wonderful woman.

The blue one with the daisy's is wonderful and is my favorite, but to small for me. So I think I will have to opt for the yellow one at the top of the display. I love yellow, it makes me feel sunny and bright, even on a day like today. Oh and check out the bowls, they are so cute.
Remember that "It is Always Worth The Trip @ Silkweeds"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rhonda has been at it again

Check out this mirror that Rhonda made. It is the cutest and the spoon on the left hand side could be used as a towel holder. She is so talented.
Tomorrow I will take pictures of the Gazebo and the menu. So that you can all be tempted with that.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Beautiful Hand Made Dolls

I can't possibly wait to to share these with you so here goes...............

So wouldn't every woman love to have nice plump lips like these? I absolutely love my beautiful dolls, they are hand made in Maine too. Just another bonus. I am posting them today because I just can't contain myself. They are too cute to hold them until tomorrow. The middle one is a plastic bag holder.

Wow, It's been a week without blogging... Sorry

So all you need is to be creative enough to take something old and create something new. Rhonda has been at it again............ She made this wonderful "One of a Kind" bench and then we put an ornamental metal bird hanger with hooks on it. If you aren't creative enough than this one can be yours for $129.99

After we put it in place at the shop we decorated it up some. That is probably the funnest part of my whole job. When you get to create a warm and inviting space out of something so simple. We hope you get to swing by and check out some of the new things we have to offer. I will write again tomorrow about the new babies..... They are Denise and Nikki's favorite. NOT.......

Monday, June 8, 2009

Old Things

With a little love and care, and some time to spare so many, many things can take a new shape.

I should have taken a before and an after picture........
It was a twin bed. I gave it to Rhonda, she made it into a bench and I distressed it today. Gosh we make a great pair. I can't wait to put it outside.
Who ever knew that old things could look so great.
Have a great day and remember "it's Always Worth The Trip @ Silkweeds"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Inventive Recycled Arty-Facts

Oh my goodness, I love having such talented friends. Rhonda, a great friend of mine, and the former owner of Robertson's Haberdashery has inspired me so much this week. I meant to take a picture of the Angels that she makes, I do have one for sale right now. But here is a bench that was made out of a door and a dresser. It is to die for!!! So very sweet. In this economy I must admit that I have a harder time finding things that inspire me. Things that get me all wound up and gets my mind working. Today as this piece came together in my backroom, I was inspired, my mind began to work and think up new (old) projects that can take shape, not only in my mind but in my shop. I love to be inspired this way.
I am so fortunate that I have such talented friends. Rhonda, with her Arty-Facts, -Denise, with her felted bags, bowls, bunnies and so much more. (Both of their talents are so unlimited), - Connie with her needlework, Bill & Tish with Wreaths, and so many more. So some days when I am not so inspired, all I really need to do is look around my shop and let my friends inspire me.
The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.