Monday, September 1, 2008

School's In Session

Well Ladies, Tomorrow the kids go back to school. After you have your morning coffee, you might just say to yourself, I am going to take a trip to Silkweeds and enjoy the morning by myself. Well, If it 's not quite that easy, you might get to say that in the next coming weeks. At least the kids going back to school sometimes seems like more of a routine, something we can bank on, something solid. So once we all get back into our routines maybe I will be seeing some of you. I do hope that you welcome fall with thoughts of what you would like to do for yourself. In other words, give yourself a break, pat yourself on the back because you are raising good kids and take some time out to do a couple of feel good things just for you. It has been a good day at the store. I marked some things to go out for the fall yardsale (October 10-11) and I even put together a few Christmas trees. It is hard to believe that I am working on Christmas stuff. It's 4:00 and I really need to wait on some customers so I will chat with you all in the morning after I have dropped my son off for his first day of 8th grade and met some of my girlfriends for breakfast at McDonalds. Enjoy the afternoon and remember that "It's Always Worth the Trip" @ Silkweeds

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