Monday, September 8, 2008


That is kind of how I feel this morning. I thought I would take a few minutes to let you know that I know that I am not the only one to feel that way about Mondays every now and then.
This morning I have a zillion things to get done. I have a new curtain display to get filled. I can now hang 15 more curtain designs on top of the 15 that we now have displayed. I am looking forward to getting that filled before I open today. I also have a new order of Boyds bears to get out and I am going to get that done today too. I made a little fudge yesterday but we were busy so it looks like I will be trying to get another batch made today. Sounds busy doesn't it. Now you see why I feel the way I do about Mondays. It is typical though because Monday is payroll day and the day I make out bills in the morning. So I may find some time to write later but lets hope that I get all my work done and maybe I will even get a picture or two up on the blog to show you. I hope you all get outside and enjoy the wonderful fall day. It really is starting to feel like fall.......... and remember " It's Always Worth the Trip" @ Silkweeds.


Anonymous said...

I have always disliked Mondays...even when I was a child...I started dreading it Sunday afternoon and wham within a few hours it was here. The thing I LIKE about Monday mornings that you don't walk on I don't have too...hee hee hee.

Hinsley Ford said...

Yup, there's lots of validity to the old addage about Mondays being horribls. Denise so many people start dreading it Sunday...the afternoon around 4 it hits me. I usually remind myself Saturday night to really enjoy the feeling of no work/no phone ringing/etc the next day!

Anyhow I found this site because I just rented a place in Searsport! The town looks great so far. Do you know if high speed internet is available in the town through time warner or something? I'm so worried there wont be service b/c it's a small town.

I will stop into Silkweeds!Looks great! :)


Rebecca said...

Frank saw your commercial this morning. Said it was great--saw someone else in the background he recognized as well...
Great job Lisa!!!

The happiest people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.