Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Good Morning...............
Well, this is the best weather we have had all summer. As we get all of our fall things out, I realize that this is the season that I enjoy the most. I love that the leaves change, I love the crisp air in the morning and at night. I love the color that comes with fall. That goes for inside too. This is my favorite season to decorate with color. These nice warm, nuetral colors are what make me smile and they bring things together for me. When we have to decorate for spring it is all pastels and such. Christmas is so traditional for color. Instead this is the season for all seasons. I know because when the customers come in the store they say things about the color, the feel of the place, the smells. Oh yes, what would autumn be without the smells of fall. The pumpkin candles, and of course pumpkin fudge ( which we will start making again next week) Well, I am headed down over the stairs to wait on some customers, and make some new friends today, and what I hope for all of you is for you to have a moment to just sit and relax and think of the things that make you happiest. Life is short and way to busy so take a moment and find something to enjoy.

Have a great day and remember "That It's Alway's Worth the Trip" @ Silkweeds

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