Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents Day............

Here is hoping that if you have the day off, you are enjoying yourself. If you are working like some of us, well lets all hope for a great retail day. I always like working on these kind of holidays because I always get to see my customers that work normally. It is like old home week for me on days like this. I get to laugh, and chat with folks that I don't get to see often enough.

Saturday, I had Dick and Carolyn Taylor (loyal customers) come by to see me.... they had some news. Last week they put their house up for sale here went to Virginia Beach, where Dick's sons live and bought themselves a house all in a week. They came back home and called the movers and they will be off towards the end of March. They have to be back there to close on the 25th of March so they say they will swing in to see me then. I will miss them. Like many of my customers, I have made a connection with them. They seem like family to me, I care what happens to them. This is a good move for them, but for me I will have fond memories. Thank goodness for those memories and for emails that will keep us close.

Today, is Presidents day, the store has been busy, but we seem to have a slight lul in the afternoon. I thought I would take that time to write to you. 25% off storewide* with only two exceptions. If you have time, stop by and see what is new. Enjoy a jaunt through the store, and sample some fudge. Most important....... Enjoy yourself

"It's Always Worth The Trip"

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