Thursday, February 5, 2009

WOOLY WOOLY.................

Good Morning,
Wow... Two days in a row. I must be on a roll lol. I wanted you to get a look at these wonderful new purses that we have at Silkweeds. They are made locally. Purse-analities by Denise is the name of the company and I am lucky enough to have an inside track. They are an outlet for some extra energy and she does a fanatastic job on them. If you get time come on in and check them out.

Also we do have other lines of jewelry like I showed you yesterday, so when you feel the need to just get out and buy something nice for yourself, look no further than right here at Silkweeds

This wonderful moose pin is from Natures 1 and the Butterfly Pendant beside it helps to give hope and new beginnings to the one who wears it faithfully.

If the jewelry isn't enough to put you in a springy mood than these Austrailian Secret Soaps will do the trick. With two displays of different scents there is sure to be something to awaken your senses. If you try them you will never want to use other soaps again.
Hope you all are enjoying the sunshine and I know I can't wait for the weekend. They weather is suppose to be near 40 here. It gives us all hope for spring.................... until then remember "It's Always Worth the Trip @ Silkweeds"

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Anonymous said...

Wooly wooly is right.....and they are beautiful purses....I saw one yesterday......and nice seeing you too Lisa Denise and I did have a good time.....Fran

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