Monday, February 9, 2009

New Look........

Well today I decided to play with my background on the blog. I love some of the new things I found at They have the funnest things.

I hope you all think it is fun to look at. I am loving the browns/pinks together, I feel the same way about brown and blue together. They are happy, feel good colors. We have some new purses coming in april that are brown and pink, don't forget to check back to see them. I will post a picture of them when they get here.

For three days last week I ripped homespun and made fat quarters. We have never sold our homespun this way but we decided that because of there being no where else around to get homespun, let alone in fat quarters that maybe we would try it. I can say that some people are impressed that we have them. I think I waited on 4 different people over the weekend that picked up one or two at least. Not bad for no one knowing we have them. There are 5 baskets full of different fabrics so come on in a grab a few for your next craft project. They are $2.50 each.
What would you like to see new at Silkweeds? What would make you come here more often? By all means leave us a comment and let us know. We might not be able to do all of them but we promise to consider them all.
Have a great day and remember "It's Always Worth the Trip @ Silkweeds."

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