Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh My Gosh, Look at the New Things

Yep, that's right we have Putka Pods, and lots of them, come on in to get your bag for only $3.99 each. You can't even begin to decorate for fall without these.

Below you will find the most adorable fairies around. My dear friend Denise has been hard at it again. Her new little jar fairies are just so sweet. Sure to melt any heart. And the story on the back of the jar will delight whoever recieves it. Talk again about Maine Made.......well here they are. Can't wait to see all the other ones that are being made.
And the last thing I have for you today is, the cutest little lamp made out of reproduced wasp traps. They are soooooo beautiful all lit up. They look great in all these fall displays.

Hope you all got your coupon for 40% off on the last newsletter. I think this month we got 38 of them back. That isn't to bad, I am glad that some of you are taking advantage of the savings. If you haven't signed up yet for the newsletter you can do so @ www.shopsilkweeds.com so that you will be able to get the next newsletter with money savings coupons on it.
Stop on by and remember "That It Is Always Worth The Trip @ Silkweeds."

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