Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Saturday

Good Morning,
I got to work early this morning so that I could write a few things............ The problem is that my mind is so boggled from Black Friday that I am not sure what to write.
Black Friday Sales were down but not by much. We were real busy and I hope we are again today. This year the season seems to short. I am sure other retailers are feeling the same way.
I can say that I have only bought 3 gifts for Christmas so far. I think I will have to get with the program soon :)

Well as I gear up for another busy day, I hope all of you are finding bargains and don't forget "It's Always Worth the Trip @ Silkweeds"


Anonymous said...

Lisa, hi!

It's Robyn Futcher--you cannot imagine how much I miss being able to just stop in to see you, and taking some of your great stuff home with me. :-) Trust me--there's nothing like Silkweeds down here in Texas.

Scott, the boys and I are all fine, just so homesick we could croak...I'll hopefully be home sometime in the next six weeks or so just to check the house, and when I'm up there I'll definitely visit. I hope you have a great Christmas season--


Anonymous said...

I had such fun in your store today. tell everyone if they want to see great pictures of your beautiful store to go to: I got tons of great pictures.
See you tomorrow!
Dancingly, Denise

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