Friday, September 25, 2009

Time flies even when you aren't having fun :0

Got to tell you there just isn't enough of me to go around lately. Laptop has been broke, that never helps. Let's see if I can get blogging back on track. Our second yard sale of the year is October 10th and 11th. ( I hope that is right.) We will be having in store specials too. Come on over I have been all week trying to get things together to put out in the sale.

I have asked everyone on facebook and twitter that if Silkweeds had an empty room what would you like to see in it. I would love as many suggestions as you or your friends can muster up. I just want it to hit me. You know when you hear it, it should just be one of those things that you go..... Oh yeah, lets do that. So fess up people and help me out.

It wont be long and we will be getting ready for Christmas Open House. That is almost a dirty sentence isn't it. lol

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