Friday, June 5, 2009

Inventive Recycled Arty-Facts

Oh my goodness, I love having such talented friends. Rhonda, a great friend of mine, and the former owner of Robertson's Haberdashery has inspired me so much this week. I meant to take a picture of the Angels that she makes, I do have one for sale right now. But here is a bench that was made out of a door and a dresser. It is to die for!!! So very sweet. In this economy I must admit that I have a harder time finding things that inspire me. Things that get me all wound up and gets my mind working. Today as this piece came together in my backroom, I was inspired, my mind began to work and think up new (old) projects that can take shape, not only in my mind but in my shop. I love to be inspired this way.
I am so fortunate that I have such talented friends. Rhonda, with her Arty-Facts, -Denise, with her felted bags, bowls, bunnies and so much more. (Both of their talents are so unlimited), - Connie with her needlework, Bill & Tish with Wreaths, and so many more. So some days when I am not so inspired, all I really need to do is look around my shop and let my friends inspire me.

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Denise said...

as you know...I think this piece of furniture is BEAUTIFUL!
Dancingly, Denise

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