Friday, April 24, 2009

Yummy for your tummy :)

Well, a couple of months ago I went to a wholesale show in Portland and it is a small show so you don't always get to expect great things. I mean it isn't like going to Atlanta but.............sometimes you do find an unexpected treasure. (We found a few that day, here is the first one that showed up at the store.)
When you go to the shows you get to graze in the food isle. These companies all temp you with your tastebuds. They all sample their wares and that of course makes you want to buy them. You should never go when you are hungry though because sometimes things don't always taste as good as you thought they did that day. :)
This is a great, locally made, tastey treat. Stop on by and pick some up. It will spice up your old spaghetti and meatballs and remember "It's Always Worth The Trip @ Silkweeds"

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